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Who we are

We are casual and contemporary. Everyone is welcome, whether you have been involved in church your whole life, or if you are giving church a first look. Feel free to come, look around and ask questions. We believe church is not an exclusive club for insiders. It’s a place for those who doubt and who are wondering if there is anything for them. It’s a place to come and look for answers. There is not one perfect person here, so no one will judge you. At Generations Church, your kids are our top priority. They will love it just as much as you will. WE ARE A CURRENT, GENUINE AND SPIRIT FILLED GROUP OF BELIEVERS THAT WANT TO REACH OUT CITY!



We are a church that is passionate about the next generation. We believe your kids should not only go deeper in their relationship with Christ, but they should have fun doing it! We are a church that puts kids first in every decision we make. We not only have a thriving kids ministry within our four walls. We have multiple families who have taken on the Biblical mandate of fostering the kids of our state.

Our Core Values

Spirit Empowered

We are a church the believes in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Not only do we believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our four walls, we strongly believe the gifts are much more about what happens outside our church building than inside. We believe all believers are entitled to and should expect and earnestly seek the promise of the Father, the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire, according to the command of Jesus. This was the normal experience of all in the early Christian Church. We need power for life and service. The Holy Spirit given gifts are for the work of the ministry, to draw people to Jesus.

Culturally Relevant 

Cultural Relevance is very important in today’s church. We do not conform to the world, but we do make it our highest priority to reach the world. Our worship and our preaching are designed to be relevant to multiple generations. Every ministry we have is not for Sunday but to help people on Monday. We want to equip people to live out their faith in today’s culture. We never compromise the truth, but always speak in love to those far from Christ. We want to do everything we can to go into the culture and create fully devoted followers of Christ.

Radically Generous

As a church, we are passionate about generosity! We love that God has given us the ability to impact lives daily outside the walls of our church. We do this through our commitment to providing for the widows and orphans, not only in our church but also in our community. Our model for ministry is to meet physical needs then spiritual needs. We have several ministries that stretch from our community to the rest of the world including Hungry Hearts food distribution, Rural Church Initiative, addiction recovery and world missions. Whether we are feeding those in need in our community or planting churches in Africa, if it matters to God, we want to be involved!

Disciple Makers

Our number one mission at Generations Church is to make Disciples. This is the great commission. The Bible commands us to go into all the world and make disciples. We do not just do this inside of a church building but in our schools, neighborhoods and workplaces. We want to equip people for the work of ministry. We believe discipleship is a way of life and not just a Sunday activity.